A famous food writer, (possibly M.F.K. Fisher—though I can’t be certain,) once said something I think of every time a plate of food is put in front of me: “We eat first with our eyes.”   

It doesn’t matter who said it, really. The beauty of the plate and the importance of food presentation are undoubtedly what prepare us for culinary excellence. And it is certainly what I think of every time I am fortunate enough to dine at the table of Chef Didier Ageorges. Because no matter what he cooks, he presents it with an unmatched subtlety, artfulness and finesse that few--if any--chefs I have encountered truly understand, let alone practice.

Robyn Roehm Cannon
July 2014, Seattle, Washington

"it is my pleasure to recommend Chef Didier Ageorges and his new catering company, Pascaline. Chef Didier has enchanted my guests with his unique culinary creations and provided truly memorable experiences. from the most intimate dinner party to grand events, your guests will cherish each perfect course paired with wines of the region.
I cannot imagine a better introduction to the vibrant Sonoma County culinary scene than to enjoy the Pascaline experience."

Peggy Furth
managing partner, WholeVine

“I have had the pleasure of knowing chef Celine Plano for more than a decade and it was very evident that she possessed the necessary tools to be a great leader in our industry many years ago. Celine has always been a very focused chef who approach pastry with quality and integrity and never compromised her standards ever. Celine has an incredible level of creativity and has excelled with her delicious desserts. Wishing you all the best in your newest venture with Pascaline Fine catering!"  

Norman Love
President , Norman Love Confections